Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Jane Woolbright is a self-taught surface pattern designer, illustrator and graphic designer. Her love of color plays into everything she creates. She grew up in a small, gold rush town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. As a kid, one of her best friend’s family owned the local stationery store. together these two would walk from elementary school to their parents’ respective businesses (her dad was a goldsmith) and play in their stores.

But, let’s be honest here, she spent most of her time drooling over art supplies at her friend’s shop. Rebecca can still recall the look of the worn wood floors, the marker displays, all the paper, and the joy in making a seasonal window display. Her love of paper grew from there. Always a crafter, she took ceramic classes through high school and college and she continued making art after college as a creative outlet. Fast forward to her honeymoon in Japan, the incredible art supplies, especially the washi tape, blew her mind! She went home with an idea, a spark- she wanted to make washi tape with her own art!

Once back home in Hawai’i, she researched where to have washi tape printed and set out to make a few designs to try her art on. She sent out her line sheets to a few local stores and never heard back. She didn’t dwell on it, but she did wonder what she was going to do with hundreds of rolls of washi tape!

And then one fateful day she picked up a call from one of her dream stores, one that she had sent her line sheets to. They asked if she had seen their email. to her dismay, it had been sitting in spam for weeks! Insert happy dance here!

The rest unfolds from there. She now wholesales to stores in Hawai’i, California (yes, that same childhood stationery store!!!) and Oregon. She has over 35 designs on washi tape and also a line of greeting cards and art prints.

Her first six art prints are a tribute to living in Hawai’i and the tropical inspiration that infused so many years of her life there.

From this point, Rebecca puts no limits on the things she can create. She aspires to see her surface patterns on fabric, wallpaper, home goods and of course other fancy paper products.

She is inspired by travel, nature and the endless curiosity of her two children. She lives in the beautiful state of Oregon where the ocean is always calling.

  • Rebecca Jane Woolbright's first collection, Eventide, is the magic that exists between day and night. This collection is inspired by what happens when the color fades away into evening. Some noises stop and others begin.