• by Rebecca Jane Woolbright

    You're invited to Garden Party!

    When: Every afternoon when the glowing light hits just right on the big, leafy plants
    Where: The backyard! Sit down, enjoy some tea, notice how nature works together. This collection is based on the magic of plants working together.
    Required attire: light, flowy gowns and trouser shorts, clothing that will allow you to move with ease- there will be dancing and lounging on blankets!

    This party is inspired by the sweet sounds of late spring. A young bird has found theirvoice, flowers are beginning to bloom, the summer is waiting.

    Let’s celebrate!

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9 products


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9 products

  • PH0180 Secret Bloom

    PH0180 Secret Bloom
  • PH0181 Oma's Garden

    PH0181 Oma's Garden
  • PH0182 Soiree

    PH0182 Soiree
  • PH0183 Airborne

    PH0183 Airborne
  • PH0184 Gala

    PH0184 Gala
  • PH0185 Gleam

    PH0185 Gleam
  • PH0186 Swinging Gate

    PH0186 Swinging Gate
  • PH0187 Under the Stars

    PH0187 Under the Stars
  • PH0188 Wild Abandon

    PH0188 Wild Abandon