Meet Anjana

Anjana is a self-taught, Oklahoma based pattern designer. She loves ice cream, dogs and clever puns. She dislikes people who cheat at tennis, lima beans and black licorice. 

She works primarily digitally using programs such as Procreate, Illustrator and Photoshop. She has completed courses in pattern design through Make It In Design and was honored to be a top 50 finalist in their annual international scholarship competition in 2020.

She finds inspiration everywhere from her backyard to road trips around her state. She has learned that she is happiest when she is making. Whether that is sewing, knitting, cooking or drawing. 

Prior to pattern design she worked as a freelance grant writer for nearly a decade supporting local non-profits such as American Red Cross and our local children’s museum. She also worked as a research scientist at various research institutes in Maryland before starting her family.

  • Anjanna Simpson Ink's first collection, Northern Quartz, was inspired by the Arctic and everything which can be found there from animals and plants to minerals, the weather and the night sky.