• Wintry is a captivating holiday-themed fabric line that encapsulates the magic of the winter season. This enchanting collection showcases playful foxes frolicking in the snow, vibrant cardinals, holly leaves and berries, and the timeless beauty of evergreen trees. With its whimsical designs and rich,festive colours, Wintry is the perfect choicefor creating warm and inviting holidaydecor, crafting cozy quilts, or adding atouch of seasonal charm to any project.

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9 products

  • PH0290 Fox Frolic

    PH0290 Fox Frolic
  • PH0291 Encircled

    PH0291 Encircled
  • PH0292 Holly Burst

    PH0292 Holly Burst
  • PH0293 Cardinal

    PH0293 Cardinal
  • PH0294 Treeline

    PH0294 Treeline
  • PH0295 Scarf Closet

    PH0295 Scarf Closet
  • PH0296 Plaid Sketch

    PH0296 Plaid Sketch
  • PH0297 Knit

    PH0297 Knit
  • PH0298 Flurries

    PH0298 Flurries