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    In Sweden there’s a system to protect endangered plant species that are at risk of extinction. These species are labeled ‘Fridlyst’ in Swedish, which in direct translation means ‘lit with peace’, and you must not pick, dig up or otherwise remove or damage these precious plants to give them a chance at survival. The ‘Precious Protected’ collection is a tribute to these rare flowers, big and small, and allows them to thrive on in your creative sewing projects!

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14 products


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14 products

  • PH0200 Omnis

    PH0200 Omnis
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    PH0211 Linnea
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    PH0206 Hedda
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    PH0209 Saga
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    PH0203 Duo
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    PH0201 Petra
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    PH0208 Zena
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    PH0202 Ava
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    PH0207 Pia
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    PH0210 Siri
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